With customer expectations increasing, wouldn’t it be nice to build your enterprise applications rapidly?

Whether it’s to revamp existing business practices or to seize new business opportunities, Appian allows you to develop applications efficiently and elegantly without custom code.

We challenge you to use Appian’s low-code development tools to build a new (or updated) functioning app on the Appian platform to adapt to your customer’s demands; aim higher and show your technical acumen by incorporating Appian’s new product features within your app.

Eligible submissions can win up to $10,000 in cash prizes, an opportunity to attend Appian World 2020, and more! Five finalists will be chosen to demo at Appian World 2019 in front of a panel of judges, who will then select the First, Second, and Third place winners.



Main Requirement: Build (or update) a functioning app on the Appian platform.

Make use of the newest product features from the 19.1 release in your submission! While this is not required, creatively leveraging the Appian features can help you score higher in the Implementation of the Idea judging criterion.

Submit the following assets:

  1. A demo video (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo). Your video must include a demo of your application functioning on the device for which it was intended.
  2. Images. Please submit at least one image/screenshot of your application. Review the AppMarket page for best practices.
  3. A way to access your working application for judging and testing.

Looking for inspiration to make a winning submission? Check out the First and Second Place winners from Appian World’s 2018 Hackathon and these examples of great UI:



As with any other corporate entity, all IDNs must manage their employees as they move through the hiring process from recruiting to offer letter to on-boarding to maintenance.  This is especially important to hospitals, as they must ensure that all clinicians are brought into the organization properly and with the appropriate vetting, all the while making sure that all licensure, credentialing, etc. is validated and properly taken into account for the purposes of billing patients and ensuring that clinical care quality is upheld to the highest degree.  As medical students, nursing students, residents, etc. play more and more of a part in the continuum of care, ensuring that they are properly brought into the folds of these organizations is paramount.

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$10,000 in prizes

First Place

• $5,000 USD
• 4 free passes to Appian World 2020 (valued at $995 each)
• Appian deluxe promotion:
- Featured promotion on Appian.com
- Featured Promotion on Appian AppMarket
- Featured Promotion on Appian Community
- Joint Webinar
- Joint Collateral
- Blog Post on Appian.com
- Press Release

Second Place

• $3,000 USD
• 2 free passes to Appian World 2020 (valued at $995 each)
• Appian promotion:

- Highlighted Promotion on Appian AppMarket
- Highlighted Promotion on Appian Community
- Blog Post on Appian.com

Third Prize

• $2,000 USD
• 1 free pass to Appian World 2020 (valued at $995 each)
• Appian promotion:

- Highlighted Promotion on Appian AppMarket
- Blog Post on Appian.com

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register for the hackathon on Devpost.
  2. Request access to the Appian platform if you don’t have an account: Here’s how.
  3. Find a teammate (optional) by reaching out to other developers on the Participants tab or joining the Slack channel.
  4. Build your functioning application using the Appian low-code platform.
  5. Shoot your demo video and take screenshots of your functioning app.
  6. Provide access to your app to Devpost for judging and testing.
  7. Submit your application on appian.devpost.com BEFORE 5pm EST on April 15, 2019 for consideration in the hackathon!


Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant
Founder and CEO, Black Girls Code

Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton
VP, AI and DX European Research Practices, IDC

Malcolm Ross

Malcolm Ross
VP Product Marketing, Appian

Jorge Sanchez

Jorge Sanchez
Director Product Strategy, Appian

Lang Ly

Lang Ly
VP Strategy, Appian

Suvajit Gupta

Suvajit Gupta
Senior Vice President, Engineering , Appian

Mike Beckley

Mike Beckley
CTO & Founder, Appian

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Idea
    (Includes creativity and originality of the idea.)
  • Implementation of the Idea
    (Includes how well the idea was executed and how well the new platform features were leveraged by the developer.)
  • Potential Impact
    (Includes the extent to which the solution can impact enterprises.)

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